Best Indie Pop Bands in 2022

There are many bands and music labels worldwide, and people love to listen to this type of music. However, indie-pop music is one of the most famous music among all other types. Teenagers especially prefer this kind of music, young college and university students, and it is usually the soul of any party.

With the increase in demand for indie-pop music, some indie-pop bands are the most popular. As a result, these bands have excellent fandom, and they are regarded as some of the best indie-pop bands for the year 2022.

Today we will discuss some of the best indie-pop bands for 2022. Following are some of them.

Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet was the most famous band in 2000 and still is. Most people, especially girls, would go crazy for being your pet which Jemina Pearl performed. She made her successful debut at the age of 18 and also guided the rest of the band in the best way possible to gain success.

In addition, the band gave many other hits that were very popular among teenagers.

Truth be told, we know that many people have not heard of this band but just because you have not heard of a band does not mean that it is not a good band.

Wet Leg

The wet leg was founded in the year 2019. Since then, it has gained popularity and is still on the list of top indie-pop bands for 2022. In addition, Wet leg gave a debut single named “Chaise Lounge” in the year 2021, which became a huge viral hit and is still listened to by many. This was one of the reasons why Wet Leg became a well-known band. Moreover, till now, Wet Leg has released six studio albums and six singles.

This is another band with an interesting name. But it is one that you certainly have to check out in 2022. Check out a few of their hit songs and see what you think about the band.


The foundation of Weezer was not laid recently, but its popularity has been growing since it was founded. It has been working on genres from alternative rock to pop-punk. In addition, it has four current members planning to release an extended playlist in 2022. Till now, Weezer has sold around 35 billion albums worldwide and 10.5 million in the United States.

Now, Weezer is a band that many people have heard about for a while now. They have been around for quite some time and have some strong hits!

Arcade Fire

Arcade fire consists of a husband and wife who founded the band but now this band has other members along. The band is included in the list of best Indie pop bands for 2022. It has been working on genres like indie pop music, alternative rock, and dance rock.

Music Makes You Move

Many bands are included in the list of best indie-pop bands for the year 2022 but here are just a few of those bands who have gained their popularity over the year of the hits they have given.

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