We're looking for a few enthusiastic and avid Le Tigre fans to head up and organize a radio call-in campaign to promote the current Le Tigre single, "TKO". If you live in the area of one of the radio stations currently playing "TKO" (see below), then your task would be to recruit people to call up and request the song. We will set you up with an email address for you to reach out to other Le Tigre fans.  The most important thing is that calls are continuously flowing into the station, and there is a good level of organization so that you can provide a feedback report.
In return for your hard work in organizing this project, we will send you signed goodies and merch from the band, as well as comp. tickets to any upcoming shows they'd have in your area.
If you're interested in being a LE TIGRE FAN RADIO CO-ORDINATER and live in one of the cities below, please email Thanks in advance!

WFNX  Boston  877-369-7234
Indie 103.1  Los Angeles  877-452-1031
KITS "Live 105" San Fran   415-478-5483
KBZT  San Diego  619-570-1949
WWCD  Columbus  614-221-1011
KNDD "The End"  Seattle  800-423-1077
KNRK  Portland  800-777-0947
KROG "97 The Rogue" Medford, OR  888-858-5764
CIMX Detroit  313-298-7999
WMAD Madison  608-281-0436
KNCL "The Channel" San Jose  877-244-1049