JD & Jo are doing a DJ tour as MEN (their new side-project) with Hey Willpower! Check out www.MENMAKEMUSIC.com for dates and new tracks!


Hi Everybody, Sorry we've been out of touch! It's true that the three
of us have taken an extended break from all things Le Tigre. After so many years
on the road we really needed to clean our apartments and watch TV for a while... Actually we are each doing all kinds of stuff, and we've even started to talk
about making some kind of crazy DVD/live album with all of the video footage and
recordings we have from our shows!

Kathleen has been catching up with friends and family, playing softball, and volunteering as a band coach for The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. She will be teaching an art class of some kind at NYU's grad school this fall. JD & Jo have started a new DJ/production/remix team called MEN and DJ JD's tour dates can be found here. Jo now owns a hair salon in the West Village called Seagull. No she doesn't do hair, she's just the president. That's all for now.

Love, Le Tigre

P.S. For now the content of letigreworld is archival rather than current. For business matters our management contact remains the same, and to reach the band you can write to us at:
51 MacDougal Street, #227
New York, NY 10012

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